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Real-Time Search Leads uncovers high-intent prospects actively searching for your products and services.

What is Real-Time Search Leads?

Real-Time Search Leads is a powerful marketing tool that leverages AI and big data to identify and capture high-quality leads in real time. By tracking users’ online search behavior and interests, we deliver their contact information instantly, allowing you to engage them with targeted advertising and personalized email campaigns.



We place a pixel on your website to identify visitors interested in your offerings.



We use AI to match their interest with contact details from a vast database.



You get a real-time lead, ready for personalized outreach.


  • Hyper-Targeted Advertising: Reach the right audience at the exact moment of their interest.
  • Personalized Email Campaigns: Convert warm leads with tailored messaging.
  • Maximize ROI: Focus your marketing budget on proven, high-value prospects.
  • Accelerate Lead Generation: Fill your sales pipeline faster than ever before.

Case Studies

Challenge: Virtual receptionist company needed high-quality leads.

Solution: Used lead generation platform for cold email lead generation.

Impact (Key Metrics):

  • 50 high-quality leads generated
  • 98.9% email delivery rate
  • 40% initial email open rate
  • 16 opt-ins over email sequence
  • 14 new clients acquired
  • $56,300+ annual revenue increase for virtual receptionist company

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Challenge: Agency had no prior lead gen or cold email experience.

Solution: Used real-time search leads to generate 40 pre-targeted reverse mortgage leads.


    • 25.64% cold email open rate (impressive for first-timers)
    • Demonstrates the power of relevant, in-market leads
    • Agency excited about future potential with the software

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Challenge: Diabetic supply company sought to maximize ROI on ad spend.

Solution: Leveraged AI leads in a highly targeted Facebook campaign.


    • 5-day campaign
    • 36 purchases totaling $7,478
    • Cost per purchase: $3.42 (lowest in 7 years!)
    • 5,968% ROI
    • Expected to drive ongoing profits for 7-15 months

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Challenge: Diabetic supply company wanted to boost online sales & ROI.

Solution: Implemented a lead generation strategy using pre-targeted site visitors and search leads.


    • 2,122% ROI (up from 1,385%)
    • Doubled weekly sales
    • $18,557 weekly revenue (average)
    • 50% reduction in lead acquisition costs
    • Expanded marketing efforts with postcard and email campaigns

Discover the power of pre-targeted leads for your business.

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Challenge: Credit card processor wanted to acquire new clients.

Solution: Used a targeted lead generation platform to fuel a cold email campaign.

Impact (Key Metrics):

    • 100 high-quality leads generated
    • 99% email delivery rate
    • 44% initial email open rate
    • 9 opt-ins (interested prospects)
    • 3 new clients acquired
    • $890+ monthly revenue increase (minimum)
    • $10,675+ annual revenue increase (minimum)
  • 4-year customer lifespan translates to significant long-term profit

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Who is Real-Time Search Leads Ideal For?

Businesses looking to:

  • Reach actively searching customers
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Improve marketing ROI
  • Stay ahead of the competition

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