Digital Healthcare and Innovation Conference

Digital Marketing Strategist Emanuel Rose to Speak at Prestigious Digital Healthcare and Innovation Conference


Reno, NV – April 22, 2024 – Strategic eMarketing founder and visionary marketing expert Emanuel Rose has been announced as a speaker for the highly anticipated Digital Healthcare and Innovation Conference hosted by Eprenz and founded by David Wagstaff on September 12, 2024. Rose will share his insights on the intersection of healthcare and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, including his expertise in leveraging AI technology for effective marketing campaigns.

Rose, a renowned authority in direct-response advertising and content marketing, brings over thirty years of experience to the conference. He has a proven track record of helping companies achieve success through authentic storytelling and a deep understanding of how AI technology is transforming the marketing landscape.

“I’m grateful to share my expertise at the Digital Healthcare and Innovation Conference,” said Rose. “The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption, and I’m ready to discuss how strategic marketing can drive patient engagement, improve health outcomes, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.”

The Digital Healthcare and Innovation Conference is premier for healthcare leaders, digital innovators, and procurement professionals. This virtual conference provides a platform to explore transformative technologies and strategies revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Attendees can expect valuable insights into the latest trends, network with industry experts, and discover solutions to optimize healthcare delivery.

About Emanuel Rose

Emanuel Rose is an accomplished author, digital marketing expert, and the founder of Strategic eMarketing. He is a skilled strategist and connector passionate about helping companies achieve business success through innovative marketing practices.

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