Summer’s Magical Night



Summer’s Magical Night, written by award winning author Emanuel Rose

is a charming tale set in the enchanting Wenaha Forest,
focusing on a unique and adventurous fox named
Summer. Her quest to find the brightest star in the
forest leads her on a magical journey. Along the way,
Summer meets various animals like
Oliver the wise owl, Rosie the mischievous raccoon,
Fredrick the wise frog, Grandpa Grouse, and Sammy the wise squirrel.

Each animal imparts valuable lessons about following
your heart, perseverance, having fun, believing in
yourself, and maintaining hope. Summer’s adventure
culminates in a moment of awe and realization as she
discovers the brightest star, symbolizing her growth and
the importance of determination, friendship,
and self-belief. The story leaves an inspiring message
about dreaming big and exploring the world.

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