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Hearing the wind in the trees, hearing a creek in the background, watching the squirrels move around, and having time where I was just sitting there, nothing to do. That it fills outs the fullness of being a human in a way that you can’t instruct or create in any other way.

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Discover the Wenaha Henry Book Series

Wenaha Henry is a truly lyrical and spirited book that takes children on a beautiful tour of nature, coupled with vibrant illustrations and impactful storytelling that shows the unbreakable bond between nature and the creatures who live within its glory.

Take a journey into the magical world of the Wenaha Henry book series, featuring these five books:

Perfect for all Ages

These beautifully illustrated books are ideal for parents, grandparents, and family members who want to nurture a child’s connection to nature. Teachers and librarians can also captivate preschool and kindergarten nature lovers with these captivating stories.


Emanuel Rose is a marketing professional, outdoorsman and story teller. His love of the ourdoors and desire to share the experience of freedom and joy in wild places was the motivation for the Wenaha Henry series. Though unexpected, his childrens book about nature has become an enjoyable hobby. He resides in the State of Jefferson, following the seasons and the animals of the Western United States.

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Raise More, Reach More 

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