Wenaha Henry: Secret of the Grouse


Take flight on an exciting adventure with Wenaha Henry The Red-Tailed Hawk! This imaginative tale will capture the hearts and minds of young readers as they follow Wenhaha Henry on his quest to discover the mystical secret of the grouse. 


Wenaha Henry is a curious hawk who loves soaring high above the forest, watching the animals below. But when the grouse begin reacting, Henry knows something peculiar is afoot. What powerful secret could they be hiding? Wenaha is determined to solve the mystery. 


With engaging characters and lyrical writing, Wenaha Henry crafts a story that encourages children to seek adventure, help others, and appreciate the magic hidden within the natural world. The vibrant illustrations bring the forest and its creatures to vivid life. 


Wenaha Henry The Red-Tailed Hawk and the Secret of the Grouse is perfect for parents and educators looking for an entertaining book that inspires imagination, personal growth, and environmental awareness. Suitable for ages 5-9.


Get ready to take flight and unlock the mystery! Order The Red-Tailed Hawk and the Secret Power of Grouse today.


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