Raise More, Reach More


Unleash the power of innovative fundraising and lead your non-profit to success with “Raise More, Reach More.” This ground-breaking guide is tailored explicitly for executive directors, marketing professionals, and all those involved in nature restoration, adventure programming, and child-centered nature initiatives.


Embrace change and revolutionize your fundraising strategies. This comprehensive guide provides a deep look into understanding how to leverage your organization’s mission and enhance your brand’s narrative to inspire donors, volunteers, and communities. It elucidates how to create unique experiences that immerse your donors into the very cause they support, driving not just funding but long-lasting loyalty and engagement.

Raise More, Reach More” offers a blend of practical tools and innovative tactics to:

  • Generate exciting, mission-driven events and campaigns beyond typical fundraising approaches.
  • Inspire your community to become active contributors and champions of your cause.
  • Develop compelling narratives that effectively communicate your work’s impact and your mission’s urgency.
  • Leverage adventure and experiential programming to attract a broader audience and increase donations.
  • Foster meaningful relationships with your donors, turning one-time givers into lifetime supporters.

Whether you’re a seasoned non-profit leader looking for fresh perspectives or a new executive seeking to make your mark, “Raise More, Reach More” will be your roadmap to achieving fundraising success and driving transformative impact in your field.

Are you ready to make a more significant difference? Let “Raise More, Reach More” guide your way.


Kindle, Paperback


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