Wenaha Henry Observes Nature and Animal Tracks of the Wenaha River


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This children’s book follows Wenaha Henry, a curious red-tailed hawk who lives in the Wenaha Mountains. Wenaha Henry loves observing the animals, their tracks, and scat in order to learn their habits and behaviors.

The book takes readers through Wenaha Henry’s encounters with various animals, including deer, elk, rabbits, mountain lions, bears, bobcats, beavers, and many types of birds. With each animal, Wenaha Henry studies their tracks and droppings to gain insight into how they live.

Some of the major themes explored include:

  • Appreciating the wonders of nature
  • Gaining knowledge through observation
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of ecosystems
  • Respecting animals and wilderness conservation

As Wenaha Henry interacts with wise mentors from different animal species, he grows in his desire to protect the land and share his learnings. The book promotes values of environmental awareness and stewardship.

Vivid descriptions and illustrations bring the Wenaha Mountains setting to life. Overall, it is an engaging story that will ignite children’s curiosity about nature and spark their interest in animal tracking and natural sciences.

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