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Entrepreneur, digital marketing leader, and best-selling author Michael Buzinski created an educational and fascinating podcast titled “You Are Buzzworthy”, which focuses on sharing tips and strategies to build successful businesses with today’s technological tools and generations.

In a recent episode, he was accompanied by Emanuel Rose, a triumphant sales and marketing expert, to analyze Gen Z’s behavior and how brands can properly target this demographic.

Gen Z & The Global Market

The way we market products and build up brands has changed over the years due to the evolution of technology and the rise of new generations that tend to do things differently as time passes by. Gen Z is worth around $44 billion in the United States alone, and that number is expected to grow at fast rates.

Currently, Gen Z is taking over all social media platforms, increasing businesses’ revenues, expanding their product lines, and, most importantly, building long-lasting relationships that contribute to gaining loyal buyers and supporters.

Gen Z groups people from 12-13 years up to 26-27, with a huge dominance of technology, and social platforms. Gen Z’s capability to use all technological tools available to their advantage, including standing up for what they believe in, spreading the word about crucial topics that affect the world, and more is what makes them different from other generations.

This new generation has a digital-first mentality, which can be taken both as a pro and a con. The fact that teenagers and late-20s adults are always on their phones can be seen as a pro from a digital marketing point of view. 

If targeted properly, businesses can effectively attract Gen Z and make them their most loyal, and supportive consumers.

How To Target Gen Z

It is often easier to explain how to target Gen Z rather than putting in the work, especially for older generations that might not be as fond of technology, but once you understand how this generation works, what drives them to purchase or follow something and how they perceive certain products, you have a recipe for success.

This new generation is all about authenticity, and connecting with brands that appear authentic in their social platforms.

This includes being mindful of the price of a product compared to its benefits if the brand does some humanitarian work, how they handle press issues, if they’re an inclusive brand, and many more things.

Since it is a very ethnically diverse group, Gen Z has different beliefs compared to older generations. For example, instead of focusing on getting better jobs, Gen Z focuses on getting jobs that are meaningful and fulfilling to them, the same applies to the brands they follow and are loyal to.

Targeting Gen Z involves making your brand more human on social media, allowing this tech-savvy generation to get to know your company and products better and from a different perspective rather than the typical “perfect ad”.

Creating content that Gen Z finds authentic and educative can be the key to building a successful Gen Z marketing strategy. Behind the scenes, introducing the team behind the brand, trends, and all sorts of entertaining videos can bring value to your online presence.

Structuring marketing strategies toward the segmentation of the US market between Gen Z and the other generations can be possible if companies start thinking and acting like their consumers. What they like to see on social platforms, what they believe in, what they find authentic, etc.

Transparency is a big part of marketing Gen Z, but you should be aware that this new generation can detect unauthenticity and planned scenarios like no other.

Targeting Gen Z On Social Media

Social media is not the only marketing tool available, but Gen Z spends over four hours a day looking at their phones, according to various research, therefore using social media platforms is key to catch Gen Z’s attention.

Authenticity is key to having a successful online presence, as well as connecting with your audience. Gen Z uses social media to distract themselves, so if you’re looking to enter the game, you should learn how to play.

Content that only focuses on selling, like straight-from-TV ads, will pass unnoticed on social media. Instead, videos that invite users to learn and discover more about your company have been reported to do great.

Final Words

In the latest episode of the You Are Buzzworthy podcast, Emanuel continues to share his expertise on digital marketing and how to effectively reach out to Gen Z.

In Emanuel’s new book “AUTHENTICITY: Marketing to Generation Z”, he analyzes demographics, business practices, and attitudes regarding social media and online advertising to develop marketing initiatives that will resonate with Gen Z.

About The Author

Emanuel Rose, an Authentic marketing expert, keynote speaker, and mentor, merges his passion for nature and the study of human consciousness, offering transformative experiences combining stillness, nature, and adventure.

His work includes children’s books promoting wilderness awareness and inspiring families to rediscover the healing and empowering power of the great outdoors. With a unique emphasis on fostering mental well-being and encouraging environmental stewardship, Rose invites us to join him on a journey of connection to God, self-discovery, and time in nature.

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